Entity CMS 5.6

Bootstrap 5.3, UI adjustments, new default startpage, and more is coming in the latest version of entity CMS.

A short recap of some of the changes in the new version:

  • Bootstrap 5.3
  • Updated dialogs
    • Link picker
    • ItemId picker
    • File picker
    • Image picker
    • And more
  • New color scheme (I.E. green buttons are now blue)
  • Mobile navbar is updated and unified
  • Forgot password is a separate page
  • New startpage
    • Search
    • Show my items
    • Filters/tags
    • Add new items (add shortcuts on template) with auto-category
  • No more tabs in the sidebar
  • Separate area for uploaded files
  • Better "log out" experience
  • Better WebP and SVG support
  • General UI overhaul
  • And more