v5.9 - Feb 1st, 2024

  • Log in with Microsoft 365/Azure Active Directory available for everyone. (Activate in settings)
  • Minor improvements

v5.8 - Dec 1st, 2023

  • Updated statistics
  • New file and image property editor
  • Initial cXML Punchout support
  • Preview mode improvements
  • Calendar improvements
  • Multiple UI and UX improvements

v5.7 - Sept 1st, 2023

  • TLS 1.3 support (if the server supports it)
  • Datepicker and calendar updates
  • Dark mode improvements
  • Search improvements
  • General UI improvements
  • "Recent items" adjustments for user rights and new item shortcuts

v5.6 - Feb 14th, 2023

  • Backend design upgraded to Bootstrap 5.3 (from 3.1)
  • Refined user experience
  • Experimental dark mode
  • Support for C#11
  • Updated dialogs
    • Link picker
    • ItemId picker
    • File picker
    • Image picker
    • And more
  • New color scheme (I.E. green buttons are now blue)
  • Mobile navigation menu is updated and unified
  • "Forgot password" is now a separate page (not a pop-up)
  • New startpage
    • Search
    • Show my items
    • Filters/tags
    • Add new items with auto-category (set shortcut on template)
  • No more tabs in the sidebar
  • Separate area for uploaded files
  • Better "log out" experience
  • Better WebP and SVG support
  • Better navigation and input in the calendar modules
  • General UI overhaul
  • Simplified developer UI with fixes
  • And more

v5.5 - Oct 17th, 2022

  • Google Analytics 4 (gtag.js) is default in global SEO plugin
  • Updated APIs
  • Updated Klarna integration
  • Speed improvements
  • Log in with Microsoft/Azure AD is available. Requires manual setup
  • Extended support integrated user groups
  • Rights management improvements
  • Minor improvements and adjustments

v6 APLHA - September 1st, 2022

  • .NET Core 6
  • Swagger support
  • Updated APIs
  • Updated Lucene search engine
  • Initial content editor with template support
  • Blazor backend
  • Razor pages frontend
  • And more...

v5.4 - May 1st, 2022

  • Webhooks for Teams, Slack and more
  • Rendering speed improvements
  • Upload performance
  • Updated booking module
  • Integration updates
  • Updated Calendar Sharing
  • Minor API changes
  • Minor fixes and UI adjustments

v5.3 - October 1st, 2021

  • New image cropper
  • Updated Lucene facets
  • Lucene speed improvements
  • Walley Checkout
  • Nets Easy payment
  • Price imports
  • Improved rights handling
  • Conditional fields in item editor
  • More use of GUIDs 
  • Mark items as searchable or not
  • Minor API changes
  • Minor fixes and UI adjustments

v5.2 - March 1st, 2021

  • SoMe/SEO updates
  • Pexels image- and video integrations
  • Grid view for item categories
  • API update for Postnord-integration
  • Rights management for sidebar
  • Nets and Vipps payment adjustments
  • Template field caching
  • Changes to searches in eCommerce
  • Minor API changes
  • Minor fixes and UI adjustments

v5.1.1 - November 18th, 2020

  • UI updates
  • Upgraded to vector icons
  • Upgraded child item editor
  • Some smaller adjustments

v5.1.0 - October 20th, 2020

  • Updated APIs for headless websites, eCommerce and search
  • Speed improvements
  • Improved image picker
  • Vipps eCommerce integration
  • Database upgrades with new fields and extended fields
  • .NET 4.8
  • Many smaller UI adjustments, integrations etc.

v5.0.0 - May 1st, 2020

  • Refined interface
  • New, dark sidebar
  • Multieditor
  • System dictionary
  • New form editor
  • Faster intranet-mode and access checking
  • PDF printversion for eCommerce orders
  • Tokenbased headless authentication (JWT)
  • GDPR custom cookie consents
  • .NET 4.7+
  • Entity Framework 6.4
  • Many, many other adjustments

v4.2.0 - September 1st, 2019

First international version

  • Renamed for international use
  • Easier 2-factor authentication
  • Translation for most used editors
  • Some cleanups, removed little used components
  • Shop improvements
  • Adjustments for Sitecore-connection


Privacy and rights, design changes, updates

  • Privacy functionality to support GDPR legislation (right to delete and access)
  • Collection of rights from editor users
  • New icon pack for large icons
  • Modernized design of existing solution (colors, borders, typography, etc.)
  • Easier to create categories
  • New price editor and product editor for the online store


Simplified group price update in online store, support for apps / dashboards

  • Enter group prices and quotation prices on products based on categories and searches.
  • Possible to edit order lines on unlocked orders
  • Support for "apps" or dashboards in the left column
  • Minor changes in the form module (post office and validations)
  • Various improvements and bug fixes


Various minor extensions of existing functionality

  • ASP.NET ViewState support for building blocks
  • Own field type for product
  • Click to open top menu (to avoid constantly unwanted opening)
  • Extended inventory management option (beta)


Support for payment via Vipps, create order via eCommerce.

  • Support for Vipps payment via Netaxept
  • Payment history for Netaxept payments
  • Create order directly from the eCommerce (beta)


Improvements around search, language, page builder improvements etc.

  • Ability to perform multiple actions on a Page Builder page directly from an item on the page
    • Change url
    • Duplicate
    • Change category
  • Support for choosing that individual elements should not be searchable, even if the field set has stated the opposite.
  • More translations in the interface
  • Improvements to the standard templates for the Page Builder
  • Prevents editing of items that have errors in the field set that could lead to data corruption.


File upload in the form generator, direct creation of Page Builder sites etc.

  • Support for enabling file upload in the form generator. Requires customization of the template.
  • Possible to create new categories directly from the category tree view in the editor
  • Possible to delete individual items from the Recycle Bin
  • Developer feature to test email delivery
  • Possibility for administrator to import building blocks to the page builder if available
  • Support for containers on building blocks and other elements, so that it is easier to define standard choices
  • Fix that prevents the category tree from "collapsing" when stored
  • Speed ​​improvements for retrieving named values ​​on items.


High-resolution image editing, activity log on element, several recipients on form, new SMS integration etc.

  • The image tool has now received support for high-resolution editing
  • Possibility to specify several recipients by registration form
  • Statistics and activity log for each item
  • Setting to set the maximum width when uploading images
  • Integration with LinkMobility for sending SMS (requires account)
  • Improved support for stand-alone installation
  • Various bug fixes


Upgraded text editor, image editor, error corrections in forms and categories etc.

  • Latest version of the text editor with, among other things, fixes for Safari bug
  • Simplified publishing for Page Builder
  • The image editor has been updated to use Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Support for multiple field types in the form generator
  • Support for æ, ø and å in the form field for Excel export
  • Categories count correctly in the folder structure
  • Various bug fixes and speed improvements


Responsive photos, language adjustments, meeting planner, CampaignMonitor

  • Support for responsive images. This means that images are scaled down on smaller screens. See the partner page for implementation guidance.
  • Removed trash language management. Now all languages ​​are displayed at the same time.
  • Better information about repetitive events in the meeting planner.
  • Possibility of integration with CampaignMonitor
  • Language: Norwegian date selector in the product reports. Swahili (Congo) as a new content language


This is a minor update that, among other things, provides support for more characters in the url conversion and a fix for displaying language menus and categories in the link picker.

  • Support for multiple characters in the url conversion. For example. ß, ö and ü
  • When you want to pick a link, the different language versions are now displayed on the menu item
  • Fix for rooted categories not shown
  • Conversion rate on form submissions


This is a minor update that, among other things, provides initial support for Klarna Checkout, import extensions and minor fixes.

  • Klarna Checkout is now available as a payment method in the online store. Contact information is also obtained from Klarna and invoices can be activated directly from the order system.
  • Support for importing events to the meeting planner
  • Improved link generation
  • See where items are in use. Requires Lucene to be activated
  • Various bug fixes and small changes, see partner page.


New search engine, 404 image, caching changes and store extensions

  • Lucene search engine is now part of entity. Provides faster searches, and searches in all text fields
  • Ability to specify a separate 404 image that is displayed if an image is deleted
  • Change in standard storage time. Now it is temporarily stored out of the day if nothing is specified (either in minutes or unpublished)
  • New fields in the online store for recurring payment
  • Intermediate storage of files and images in client
  • Extended support for internal statistics
  • Rights management of the Page Builder
  • Display of statistics from Google Analytics removed due to changes at Google
  • Various bug fixes and small changes, see partner page.


Bug fixes and additional functionality

  • Support for product duplication
  • Vector Icons Support (svg)
  • New field type in the editor to select and order items (MultiItemSelect)
  • 50 dedicated number fields on item
  • "Latest articles" from the partner page are now displayed in the development tool
  • Various bug fixes and minor changes

v 3.1

We work continuously to update eRedaktør with both functionality and bug fixes.

  • Page Builder to build dynamic pages.
  • Support for transparency when resizing images
  • Speed ​​improvements
  • Upgraded package import
  • Support for local statistics
  • Several fields in the database
  • Separate desk for online stores
  • Support for multiple forms on the same page
  • More use of AJAX
  • Various bug fixes and minor changes

v 3.0

This upgrade is primarily about a rewrite of the interface to newer technologies. Only web pages set up with SQL Server (express) are now supported, which is obviously your page since you can read this.

  • v has become responsive and uses Bootstrap 3.x
  • New desk
  • Better functionality on tablets
  • All code is now written in 4.x
  • The frame has been removed
  • The calendar function has drag-and-drop functionality, as well as faster loading
  • Reports can export directly to Excel format
  • Possibility to add extra functionality to existing elements (requires this to be set up)
  • Improved language support in the interface
  • Extended backup system in the development tool
  • Better file editor in the development tool

v 2.7.1

This is a small upgrade for faster email sending.

  • e-mail is now sent asynchronously by default (see partner page for more information)

v 2.7

This is an upgrade of the design framework with support for editing in design mode.

  • New tags in the renderings, based on
  • Ability to edit the content directly in the page (requires the new tags)
  • New renderings, snippets, layouts and sublayouts
  • New import and export function for web element
  • Standardization on Bootstrap html framework
  • Upgraded online store template
  • Dibs integration
  • Improved sorting options
  • Initial support for predefined elements
  • Several minor fixes and bug fixes

v 2.6

This is a feature upgrade, as well as some bug fixes.

  • Images are included in the search (at the top of the UI)
  • Save button when working with content in maximized text editor
  • Selected sorting in article lists is reflected inside the v, with the option to search
  • Support for manual sorting in article lists
  • Language selection in the menu is remembered, so that you can work with a language continuously
  • Duplication of elements now also includes form fields
  • Categories are grouped in a separate folder
  • Many new fields in the item table for easier work for developers
  • Support for retina displays on photos on the website
  • Speed ​​improvements in page view
  • Improved ability to use your own mail server
  • Question if one really wants to leave a modified article without saving
  • Several minor fixes and bug fixes

v 2.5.1

This is a maintenance and adjustment update. It contains some recent tweaks that were not included in version 2.5, as well as some bug fixes.

  • Possible to reset sections in photos
  • Renderings that use entity tags are also run as ASP.NET User Controls for better code support
  • Animated menus
  • Users automatically create a user profile
  • Multiple fields in the item table for easier sorting and development for web pages set up with ASP.NET.
  • Some minor bug fixes

v 2.5

This is one of the biggest upgrades since v 2.0. It is mainly a technology upgrade for new websites, but there are also many features and improvements for existing website. Note that some of the items in the list only work with sites set up in ASP.NET.

  • Easy adjustment of introductory images
  • Drag and drop in the form generator
  • Sharing a calendar for more than just the web
  • Design customizations in lists, desktops and animations
  • New rendering engine in ASP.NET 4
  • New template and existing mobile template written for new rendering engine.
  • SQL Server Express
  • Select image quality for introductory images and other images
  • Field set plugins
  • Export and import of field sets and plugins via zip files
  • Adaptations in the developer tool to support aspx / ascx

v 2.4.1

This is a small upgrade with minor adjustments to existing functionality, and applies mainly to developers and online store customers.

  • Separate button to insert YouTube video or other html code directly into the text editor
  • Ability to set up custom mail server and mail account for sending e-mail
  • Improved links in menus
  • Overview of where renderings / templates are used
  • Improved order processing in the online store
  • .NET controls when links are processed, also for websites that use ASP
  • Google Analytics eCommerce Tracker in the online store

v 2.4

  • Integration with Google Analytics
    • Get data from Google Analytics right into the tool
  • Opportunity for online store
    • Card payment from Nets or PayEx
    • Integrated with 24SevenOffice
    • Built with field set
  • Simplifications in the user interface

Technical upgrades

  • Upgraded to ASP.NET 4.0
  • Database lookup with Entity Framework
  • Performance improvements
  • Possible with website set up with pure .NET

v 2.3

The biggest change is that express is now gone, and that templates are now included in the basis version. Most of the other changes are improvements for those who set up websites in entity. Here are some changes:

  • Upgraded text editor
  • Enter the default category on the field set
  • Ability to duplicate items
  • Several field types in field sets
  • Chrome browser customizations
  • Better marking of active menu items
  • Corrections in the calendar
  • New field sets for photo galleries
  • Improved field sets for article lists
  • Upgraded newsletter feature
  • Possibility of sub-elements / variants
  • Import of finished macros

v 2.2

The changes mainly apply to basis and plus. Here are some selected changes:

  • Right-click to create categories
  • Publish content directly from Word 2010 and other programs that support the MetaWeblog API.
  • Post content on the website by sending an MMS or SMS. Requires own password *
  • Possible to cut, rotate and scale images in the image archive.

Other changes and upgrades

  • Better help function
  • Simplified and improved rights management
  • Support for .NET snippets
  • Language support
  • Easy version control
  • New and colorful icons in the menu bar
  • Overview of disk consumption
  • Improvements in the development module
  • As well as various improvements and bug fixes

* Discontinued

v 2.1

Here are some selected changes:

  • Right-click in menu to create, move and delete items
  • Upgraded text editor
  • Custom user messages
  • Extended layout options
  • More explanatory texts
  • Upload your own photos as your desktop background
  • Statistics are by default under settings

Other changes and upgrades

  • Improved support for .NET modules
  • Improved caching support
  • Improved support for search restrictions
  • More clear settings
  • Option to specify a field set or element for use in layout
  • Possibility of custom buttons in HTML editor
  • Various bug fixes
  • Possibility to use own tables in the database together with the editor

v 2.0

Here are some selected changes:

  • Search engine custom links
  • New user interface
  • Real-time content preview
  • Upgraded menu structure
  • Extended rights management
  • Easier user management
  • Drag and drop sorting
  • Global search
  • Personal desk
  • Select and upload many files at once

Other changes and upgrades:

  • Upgraded text editor
  • Better template management
  • Possibility of own tabs in the content editor
  • Functions / modules that are not in use are not displayed
  • Automatic password generation
  • More secure auto-login and password storage
  • Pagination of article lists
  • Roles for managing access 
  • Groups to control access to content
  • Custom icon on all field sets (content types)
  • The main tabs have been removed for easier navigation
  • Powerfully expanded tools for implementing design and layout
  • Custom web page displayed if a page does not exist (404 error message)
  • Custom login page
  • Inheritance of fields in field sets
  • Recurring events in calendar