Database errors after upgrading

If you receive a standard error message (yellow page) that some fields do not exist, it is most likely a database upgrade that has not gone as it should. There may be various reasons for this, so here is a tool that will allow you to retry upgrades.

Sign in with /admin/su (even if you get an error message), then open the /admin/su/dbversion.aspx page

You now get the database version registered in the database and in the .config file. These are in the format YYMMDD (year, month, day, eg 191221) and must match. If they don't, try typing the oldest version into the box and specifying it as the version or perhaps an older one. You will be sent to the reset page to reset the settings. When you return to the database tool, try updating the view to see if it helped. If the versions are now the same, and of a relatively new date, you can go back to the CMS and check if everything works properly.

There are also some tips available, including an overview of various database versions.