Entity 6 on .NET Core 6

We are currently working on the brand new version of entity CMS. And what is more fitting than building version 6 on .NET 6

The shift to .NET 6 also means that we upgrade from .NET Framework to .NET Core. This will introduces breaking changes on many levels, but for now we are keeping the existing database structures.

Current status per May 2022:

  • All existing APIs are rebuilt using .NET 6 Minimal APIs
  • New APIs are added
  • Swagger is implemented for quick API documentation and testing
  • New preview method
  • UI is running in an early version
  • Page rendered using Razor Pages
  • File upload and management is in place
  • Basic content editor with block support
  • Parts of the demosite is ported to Razor Pages

It is already possible to build websites with EntityCore 6, but a lot of features are missing and needs to be ported before we launch this fall.